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PAKRI Smart Industrial City welcomes the Tesla Gigafactory.

The smartest location for industrial companies in the heart of Northern Europe.

10 years greentech experience

established in 2007

a well-connected logistics hub

warm-water port, railway, highway within 2km

100% control over energy price

autonomous renewable energy production

the area


Ready to build

  • privately owned
  • building height to 45 meters


Ready to build in 1 year

  • privately owned
  • building height to 45 meters


Ready to build in 2 years

  • government-owned land

opportunity to control 100% of your energy price

Own 75MW renewable power network with smart grid enabling total control of energy price.


Wind 63MW running

18MW under development

Solar 6MW

building rights

Biomass chp 50MW

building rights

Ground heating

building rights

LNG terminal

under development

Seawater for cooling

under development

value chain

Cluster-based value chain increases energy efficiency and lowers utility manufacturing costs




solid waste



PAKRI is a member of the KEN cluster


  • 2 deep, warm-water ports within a 2 km radius
  • railway within 1 km
  • direct highway connection
  • 55 min. to international airport

Natural resources

Strategically well positioned for natural resources for battery and car manufacturing industry:

Ni – Nickel
Li – Lithium
Co – Cobalt
C – flake Graphite
Al – Aluminium
Fe – Steel


Close to car-building competence-centres.

ELE – Electronics manufactury
BIO – Biomass products
MET – Metal works
BOA – Boat manufacturing


Availability of skilled labour from the Nordic and Baltic region.

green working environment


• Clean nature increases worker productivity
• Leisure sites and activities for worker breaks
• Locally-grown organic food
• Promotion of recycling
• Industrial park community activities
• 8ha and 500-citizen residential project for PAKRI workers under development



One of the most advanced digital societies in the world.


1st place in the OECD Tax Competitiveness Index.


Member of NATO, EU, Schengen, OECD, DIGITAL 5.


18 min. to register a company, 0% tax on reinvested profits.


The country is fully covered by a network of quick chargers.


Self-driving cars have been legalized on public roads.

let’s talk!

Enn Laansoo, Jr.
CEO, co-founder
+372 5216 858

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